Come and join a group of 13 women and feel WELCOME to dance, rest, connect, laugh, cry, heal, let go and reveal your truth and deepen your relationship with yourself, the Earth and the elements at my favourite place on this planet St Nectan’s Glen and Waterfall and Tintagel and Merlin’s Cave. Jenny has a gift in bringing soul family groups together, the right people will come together on this retreat and support and inspire each other in the most magical ways. Feel at home in a safe and welcoming sisterhood almost immediately and make friends for life!

St Nectan’s Glen can be classed as a European Rainforest with it’s diverse flaura and fauna and microclimate. It sits on the already ancient and sacred lands of Cornwall with a long history of shamanic and pagan practice. There is a spring/well and the waters that run through the Glen are cleansing, powerful and sacred. It has strong links with the red and white springs in Glastonbury and the Arthurian legends. The waterfall herself will be the one who invites you on this retreat, do you hear her calling you? I heard the call in 2018 and once I arrived, I knew this was ‘my’ place. Having initiated many women in these waters, drummed, danced, played and sang with the waterfall and been through my own intense initiations in her flow 4 times, I know her and she knows me. I share this relationship with you during the retreat.

Tintagel and Merlin’s Cave a beautiful little town filled with holistic and art shops and cafes, King Arthur’s Great Halls, Tintagel Castle, a stunning beach and Merlin’s Cave. We will have free time in Tintagel before visiting as a group of Priestesses dressed in red to make ritual and ceremony in Merlin’s Cave with the elements there. This is a powerful and enlivening process.

Accommodation is in single beds in shared bedrooms in immaculate lodges with treetop views and beautiful communal spaces and gardens to rest and relax. There is a shower and toilet available outside every room. We have a huge, warm double yoga studio to dance and hold ceremony and circle within. We are the ONLY residents in the retreat accommodation and outside of public opening hours we have exclusive residency in the Glen! We have 10% discount in the wonderful shop and cafe. The staff are warm, welcoming and deeply respectful of the shamanic work we do there.

We have private access to the Waterfall in the hours it is closed to the public. You are given all the key codes and can go down to her whenever she calls you to meditate, play or cleanse. This is super special, especially for when we hold ceremony at the waterfall. There are no neighbours so when the staff leave we only share the space with the vast, vivid stars, the peacocks, the bees, the bugs, the birds and the nature spirits so we can sing and drum to our hearts content.

Some of the things Included in your Retreat, tailored for each group as we journey and flow together…

Engaging in daily sacred connection in heart sharing and dreaming circles.

Drumming and dancing together.

A water blessing ceremony with mixed sacred waters.

With the waterfall herself taking part in a transformative water cleansing and initiation ceremony.

Walking to the Rocky Valley 5000 year old labyrinth carvings (50 minute walk from retreat centre).

Dancing Sacral Chakra Awakened Bellydance

Shamanic fire ceremony

Time and space to rest, relax, meditate, journal, explore the Glen, read, sit by the fire etc… There are two beautiful dedicated meditation rooms at the Glen.

Learning how to listen and notice the Shamanic realms and messages


Visiting Tintagel, having free time to explore the wonderful crystal and holistic shops, beach, cafes and museums.

Daily oracle card reading opportunities.

Entering Merlin’s Cave for sacred ritual and ceremony.

Travel inward during an Innerdance Shamanic Sound Journey workshop.

Shamanic drum journeying.

Non-judgemental guidance.

Photo shoot opportunities!

Healthy, healing, delicious meals

Belly laughs, love and connection

We will connect deeply with ourselves, each other, the elements, the sacred land and waterfall.

This is a truly magical place where incredible things happen frequently and synchronicities and symbols from nature and the spirits of the Glen are regular! The last retreat here I was talking about my son Robin in circle when a Robin flew into the studio! It is a warm and inviting place of great healing for which I have formed a beautiful relationship with. I share this relationship with you during our time there.

This retreat is facilitated by Jenny Asha Lily Wilde BAhons, PGCE, MMus, PGdip – Shaman, Musician, Bodyworker, Sacred Dance Facilitator, Artist, Dreamer, Wayshower, Priestess, Play Therapist, Friend, Lover and Mother.

Jenny is a highly qualified and experienced, warm, welcoming, inclusive, energetic, playful and grounded facilitator. She holds a beautifully safe, sacred and trauma informed space for you to blossom into being bravely authentic and wildly free. Leave knowing yourself a little deeper and with fresh inspiration on your path and support of a new sisterhood as you journey onward.

This retreat is co-facilitated/supported by Simone Gilliat. Simone will be doing all the cooking for us and generally supporting Jenny and the group with her warm, practical, heart-centred love. Simone studied a degree in the healing arts and has spent her lifetime working with bodies, movement, dance, poetry, storytelling, writing, singing and healing. She is a highly qualified and experienced bodyworker and acupuncturist, poet and dancer. She endeavours to cater for all dietary requirements, allowing us to always eat together as a community. She nurtures and nourishes us with her delicious and inspiring recipes.

The cost of this retreat is £666 for 3 nights accommodation in the Glen retreat centre, delicious lunch and dinner and all workshops, ritual and ceremony while on retreat. You will be held in sacred, transformative healing space throughout the whole retreat. There will be a Facebook group available before and after the retreat for support and connection.


£555 early bird bookings until Samhain Tuesday 1st November

£597 for any participants who have been on any one of my retreats before.

£200 non refundable or transferable deposit payable on booking. Remaining is due 8 weeks before retreat. Payment plans available to split the cost if required.

You are responsible for all travel arrangements including going to and from Tintagel on the Sunday. It is important you are able to arrive at 2:30pm on Friday as we cannot park near to the retreat space so all our luggage needs to be taken to the lodges at 3pm in the 4×4’s. We leave the lodges at 2pm on Monday.

There is a 20-30 minute reasonably strenuous walk from the car park to the accommodation. If you are unable to do this then the staff can take you in their jeeps on first arrival and final departure. Any further lifts in or out are chargeable at £30 per trip. There are steep steps up and down to the waterfall and to Merlin’s Cave in Tintagel.

All activities are of course optional.

Deposits and Final Payments for this Retreat are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid. If you are unable to take your place for any reason and I have a waiting list with a person able to take your place, you may be able to get back the cost of your place minus the £200 deposit. I do not have the capacity to re-advertise/re-sell your space for you if you are unable to come on the retreat.

To book your space or ask any more questions please email Jenny at or book and pay your deposit safely below….

For more info about the Glen and accommodation please go here

St Nectan’s Glen

Some Words from Previous Retreat Participants….

“All I can say is that Jenny’s work offers some of the most powerful and beautiful experiences that one could gift oneself.” Lisa

“When you feel the challenges of life calling this is the place to go. To be met with joy, music, dance, support and magic cascading like the waterfall itself. You will not regret doing a retreat with Jenny. Wonderful!” Simone

“There was me, thinking I was going off for a few days of rest and relaxation, to enjoy the beautiful environment of St Nectan’s Glen. Little did I know that this would be a LIFE CHANGING experience! I am not the same person that went. I am so grateful to Jenny for the most wonderful few days and for pushing me out of my comfort zone. The memory of this very special time and the beautiful sisterhood bonds made will stay in my heart forever. Oh and the food was amazing too.” Alison

“Words just simply can’t express the powerful, beautiful and absolutely enlightening experience that I have ever encountered this weekend! I am so truly grateful and honoured to have ‘belonged’. To have come away without the need of any crutches or a walking stick just says it all! The biggest of hugs, blessing and gratitude, peace, love and light to all my beautiful Goddess sisters.” Andrea

“A beautiful rejuvenating restorative reflective retreat day at a beautiful waterfall Jenny held the space perfectly bringing a balance of playful laughter supportive and respectful healing to the space. Thank-you I am feeling blessed to have experienced this.” Marina

“These retreats are simply soul medicine…A Chance to just ‘be’. A time for reflection, to delve into hidden depths, a place of non-judgement where you are free to share, adventure, dance, laugh, cry and push past your comfort zones if you so choose…A place of sisterhood at its most organic and sacred.” Joanne

“Wow, what a wonderful retreat this was. It was perfection from arriving at the beautiful cosy & warm retreat house, the delicious home cooked & plentiful food & the deep healing and nurturing space Jenny holds. It was beautiful, moving and deeply nourishing. Jenny crafts the most wonderous retreat days, interwoven with magic, meaning and healing creating a beautiful space to explore your own depths & gently guides you to where your healing is most needed. I cannot recommend Retreats with the Gorgeous Jenny enough!” Louise

“Jenny is an amazing healer and an incredibly beautiful, friendly soul facilitating ‘Dream Meditations’, Innerdances, Bellydances, musical circle sharing, shamanic wisdoms, soul gatherings and so much more. Im totally amazed and thoroughly empowered following Jenny’s retreat, it feels like several months of healing work was condensed into a few days; powerful, magical experience which is hard to put into words. Along with the fantastic and yummy food offerings thank you Simon Gilliat. I am so immensely grateful and honoured to be travelling my ‘healing journey’ with such a wonderful tribe. Jenny’s retreats always leave me blown away, deeply connected to myself, our sacred lands and leave me feeling like I’ve found my tribe! Thank you Jenny, you are a star!” Andrea

“People throw around the term ‘life-changing’ quite a lot but when I think of how to describe my experience at the St Nectans Glen it’s the only words I can find to truly encompass the impact it has had on my life. I had never done anything like this before. I didn’t know anyone that was attending. and I hadn’t even met Jenny before, we were just Facebook friends. Even though I had absolutely no idea what to expect, I booked it anyway and I am so incredibly grateful that I did.

I have NEVER felt so held and supported by such a beautiful group of women. I have tears in my eyes writing this because I still feel so deeply moved by the experience. To be able to share openly with no judgement and feel only genuinely love and support was also a first for me. My closest friends throughout my life have always been male, I was always one of the lads and I never felt that connected with women. That all changed over that Magical weekend in Cornwall.

If you’re reading this and you are like me, someone who has never done anything like this before, or maybe someone who has never really felt this “sisterhood” that so many speak of, then you should absolutely book one of Jennys retreats. I promise you that you will feel supported and welcomed in a way that makes you feel like you’re home and that you will walk away from the whole experience with a renewed sense of self and friends for life.” Emma Louise

“This was such an amazing retreat, loved it all” Bliss Magdelena

“I had such a deep journey at the retreat with Jenny. I found some old habits that were holding me back and experienced a profound revelation about what I had recently been struggling with, ending with an emotional release that cleared some old grief. Jenny held the space with both a playful and reverent touch.” Lisa

“Having had a shamanic healing session with Jenny and experienced her sacred dance workshops at festivals, I knew that her retreat offerings would be powerful and have a unique vibe that embraces her shamanic gifts and love for movement medicine. Especially as this retreat was being hosted at St. Nectan’s Glen, a very special place I’ve felt drawn to for years, but have never visited until this retreat. And what a treat it was to experience this place for the first time, in this special way.

The retreat accommodation is great – surrounded by nature, beautiful modern facilities, lovely hot showers and comfortable beds! More importantly, Jenny held such a beautiful space for us all, she brought together such an amazing group of women. It was a true sisterhood, even though I hardly knew anyone to start, I came out of it with new sisters whom I’d connected deeply with, cried with, laughed with, ate with and danced with. We all felt so safe and free there, and with each other.

The waterfall ceremony was a life changing experience for me, and exactly what my soul needed. It triggered deep healing and awakened something within me, that I’m still processing and coming to understand. I was awestruck, as I went under her powerful embrace. I knew I needed to visit this waterfall when I first heard of this place, and to have met her for the first time and experienced her in this ceremonial setting, held with such love and respect by Jenny, was a truly profound spiritual experience, one that I am eternally grateful for.

So much Love and appreciation to Jenny for offering this retreat, in her uniquely wonderful way. When it was time to go home, even though physically I felt tired, because I managed to fit a lot (of healing, self care, nature time, sisterhood) into this retreat weekend, I came home with such a full heart and a full cup. So if you’re feeling the call to join her next retreat, say yes to yourself and be open to what the universe has in store for you!” Enrica

“It has taken me until this morning to be able to express my thoughts from the weekend, but here we are. Jenny, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet love and light. Feel free to use some or all of my story:

She who surrenders…

We carry so much. Burdens we place on ourselves one by one, slowly over time, so that we don’t notice the ever-growing weight of our baggage.

No wonder I felt tired. A deep soul exhaustion. A soul weary with the weight of an accumulation of grief and sorrow and despair and what ifs- my own and the collective grief of humanity in crisis. There is just so much wrong with the world. So much I cannot change.

And so I arrived, exhausted, carrying so much. My intention to take time to simply be, to listen, to hear. To stop. And, although unable to say it aloud, perhaps to be able to put down my heavy load and rest a while.

Standing in surrender under the full frantic force of the waterfall, it all fell away. All off the heaviness literally blasted off all my levels of consciousness. Carried away downstream, into the gentle flow, safely back to the open arms of Mother Earth. Leaving me cracked open, raw, exposed, literally and figuratively naked, I came home to my centre. As my beautiful fellow waterfall sisters whooped their support around me, I dropped into peace, stillness, gratitude. No mind altering substances involved, I was everyone and noone, everything and nothing. Time stood still.

Much later, I would allow the exposed parts of me, now able to be seen and felt to be released gently, and then more wildly, with transformative inner dance. Surrendering more, deeper, deeper…giving and receiving, letting go and gathering in, everyone and noone, all around me, all within me.

Yes, we carry so much. But we can also put it down and rest. Lighten the load. Lighten up. Surrender. Find our peace in the waterfall and beneath the twinkling stars.

Each and every one of you will remain in my heart.” Kay

“I cannot think of a better gift to yourself than to go on a retreat, held in sacred space by Jenny Wilde. Her gifts are strong and constantly evolving. She calls us to be present and support each other in lifting veils, recognising blocks and the imbalances that stiffle us. So that we are enabled to find our self acceptance, healing and transformational connection to source, shed guilt, blame and self sabotage, heal ancestoral wounds, integrate our inner child, and gain recognition of our own inner divine light and to acknowledge that light in others and all nature. To reveal to ourselves, who we are – and that we are empowered to honour our truth.” Niki