“I adored everything about Jenny.  From weaving in and out with her burning incense to her glorious workshops.  She is as natural and honest as they get.  So thankful to have met her.”

Sue Cranshaw

“Jenny is a beautifully spiritual person, wonderfully intuitive, extremely creative and holds space perfectly.”

Neil Radcliffe

“Jenny is a star and an amazing force of nature.”

Margo Awanata

“Jenny held a beautiful women’s medicine circle this evening! Really lovely space to ground, share, meditate and express. Highly recommended, thank you Jenny.”

Kayla Price

“Jenny, you are the real deal!”

Louise Carron Harris

“Jenny is such a beautiful force of energy.  I fell in love with her whilst watching her sage everyone in the opening ceremony.  Her workshop was pure blissness.  Thank you”

“Jenny seemed to be everywhere all at once!”

Jules Kay

“Ahhh Jenny, what a beautiful energy she has.  I absolutely loved being in her dancing space in the woodland.  Magical memories.”

Paula Michelle

‘Jenny’s open heart, her ability to connect on a very deep level with soul wounds have helped me greatly to shift old trauma and release a lot of pain.  Her wisdom, intuition and tools acted like a safety blanket during one of our intense 1:1 sessions and during an Innerdance circle.  I can highly recommend Jenny for assisting in soul path journeys.”

Nicki Davis

“Jenny provides a beautiful, open, non-judgmental space, along with her wonderful insight and intuition.  Her shamanic healing is powerful and transforming; her circles are safe, nourishing and fun! 1:1 and Innerdance sessions are incredible.  Her sessions support you to feel heard, seen, safe and empowered.  I would recommend Jenny to many.”

Jane Agnew

“Jenny is a truly magical being!  I have had the deepest privilege of absorbing myself in a variety of Jenny’s nourishing and heartening therapies.  Innerdance, Awakened Bellydance, Reiki and Shamanic Healing.  She truly is quite a remarkable and beautiful human being.  I’d almost go as far as to say that her hugely intuitive, heart connected and deeply healing abilities are almost not of this world!  Highly recommended!”

Anita Hunter

“Jenny is AMAZING! Thank you so much.”

Jane Pickworth

“Jenny has helped me to grow, heal, change and learn so much about myself over the last 3 years. Since my teenage years I’ve had to cope with a lot of emotional trauma and mental illness. Now I’m in my early 30’s and Jenny has helped me to feel so grounded, understood, free, accepted, to love myself and to be more able to cope with whatever life throws at me. I have been to her heart sharing circles, inner dance and awakened bellydance events, had one to one treatments – reiki to begin with and then shamanic sessions, and her retreats. I highly recommend any/all of these if you want to change your life for the better!”

Hannah Fermor

“Jenny’s reiki leaves me feeling grounded, calm and re-motivated towards continuing my life goals/values. Thank you”

Sam Lumley

“I can highly recommend the lovely Jenny and her wonderful work.  Jenny has the most amazing energy and depth of heart that makes working with her so special.  I have joined Jenny on the Awakening Belly dance  course – which has been life changing and have had one to one shamanic sessions, which are just incredible.”

Louise Amador

“Jenny is a powerful healer, driving demons out of their hiding places!”

Andrea Heightz

“Jenny’s work offers some of the most powerful and beautiful experiences that one could gift oneself.”

Lisa Butler

“I admire Jenny, her work and her writing.  When she pulled the ‘Star Ancestor’ card for me last April, I thought it was solely to do with my pregnancy and becoming a Mummy which I do know was a large proportion.  However, I have since found a calling away from teaching, supporting people with their business.  All the work I have done on myself as a woman and a mother recently was catalysed by that card.”

Becki Kate

“Wow is the first thing that springs to mind.  I have felt ‘alone’ in that they’re wasn’t any like minded people around me.  But since going to the dark moon circle I have suddenly landed into being me, my authentic self.  Jenny is amazing at making you feel completely at ease and gently holds the space for you to allow you to be you among other supporting souls.  It feels like a coming home.  Thank you Jenny for creating this wonderful special space.”

Kate Schenk

“Jenny creates and holds a safe space where there is no judgement and you can open up and a powerful healing take place.  She is a natural healer and full of wisdom but also has playfulness and joy reminding us of our unique gifts.”

Charlie Butler

“My first encounter with Jenny was truly life-changing.  After spending the weekend in hr company with other like minded people at a weekend retreat, my life path opened up to me.  I’ve been privileged to participate in two of Jenny’s Innerdance workshops, where Jenny’s loving, mystical, transformative power has held me through surfacing deeply buried emotions.  Jenny is truly the most powerful being I have ever encountered, totally aligned with her spiritual self and her spiritual gifts.  The most inspirational healer.  Jenny is now working with another member of my family, after the first 1:1 session, the transformation had already begun.  We are truly blessed to know and love Jenny.”

Leanne Millichamp

“Jenny is a natural. She is intuitive, effective and her work is powerful. I’ve enjoyed many a transformative inner dance with her as well as private shamanic sessions where she helped me connect to my ancestors. I highly recommend her and her work.”

Amanda Jones