Creativity is the essence of the feminine flow and spirit.  As a woman I am a creator and a birthing being.


I believe everyone is a musician.  I have held a particular interest and love for music since a very young age.  Hearing melodies in my head and taking friends into the music room in primary school to play out what I could hear, often singing and playing with my Dad on the guitar and making up tunes on the piano and recorder.

I began to study the oboe at age 11 and then taught myself the flute, clarinet and saxophone.  I am a professional musician having studied at Bath Spa and Birmingham Conservatoire.  I specialise in improvisation and composition.

Music brings people together in connection and joy.

I am a qualified teacher and conductor with 17 years experience in schools and music services.  Currently I will teach music if somebody specifically asks me to teach them but I don’t advertise as a teacher anymore.

I am available to commission as a composer.  I won many national prizes for composition when I was a student.  I can write a piece of music for you, or any occasion you desire a specific piece for.  I can also perform that piece if required.  I can write for any instrument or combination of Instruments.

Music is an integral part of all the healing work I offer.  I have many native instruments and shamanic drums as well as using western classical instruments to channel melody in my healing sessions.

I am currently involved in creative partnership with Simone Gilliat where we are using contemporary music, dance and spoken word to communicate being in today’s world.

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I believe everyone is an artist.  I have no formal art training but have always loved to create visual art.  More recently I have been involved with a monthly art group and begun to paint larger abstract/divine feminine art.

I am an experienced life model and portrait model and am available to book for groups and private artists.  I particularly love the creative flow and energy of life modelling.  The beauty and reverence for the human form.

You can commission a piece of artwork from me in which I will connect with your being and bring through a visual piece just for you.  I am in the process of creating prints from some of my completed pieces.

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Storytelling is an ancient tradition literally passed down through the generations.  It is a beautiful healing art working deep with archetypes and the human psyche.

I am currently undertaking a year long training in Storytelling for personal growth, the community and the Earth with ‘The Asha Centre.’ 

I carry the story of the ‘Voices of the Wells’ within me, one of the most ancient stories of Britain.  I am studying and learning to tell ancient stories from around the world, particularly of Celtic origin and mythology and the stories told by Clarissa Pikola Estes and Sharon Blackie.

I use storytelling within my healing sessions and ceremonial work if it calls for it.  I can also be booked for storytelling for a group. 

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