Sacred Dance is my most favourite immersive experience.  I love to journey with Innerdance as often as possible and I love to facilitate journeys for others.  With Innerdance I combine my musical skills, intuitive magical play list ability (connection with the music spirits!), bodywork and shamanic medicine techniques to bring about deep transformation, alignment, bliss and joy in workshops and one to one sessions.

Innerdance is a shamanic energy from the Philippines.  It was re-discovered by a man called Pi Villeraza who isolated himself on an island for two years surviving on coconuts and bananas.  He found that his body began to spontaneously move and dance, with these movements, he was healing himself.  This shamanic Earth energy was pulsating through him and with this, his body and psyche came back into balance.

I trained in 2018 with Katie Holland (who trained directly with Pi) and have had continued professional development with her ever since, as well as talked with Pi himself.  I found Innerdance entirely by ‘accident’/synchronicity, as every person does.  If it is your time, the Innerdance energy will call to you and you will arrive fully into yourself.

During the training, the energy was transferred to me a little like an attunement.  The energy is highly electric, tingly, awakening.  One of the first things I do during a session is to share this energy with you via the palms of your hands.  I compile a playlist which is especially designed for the session and uses a specific order of brainwave states to take you on a journey.

Innerdance is a journey into you.

It is done with eyes shut or with a blindfold so there is no need to worry about how you look or what others are thinking, allowing you to immerse yourself and go inward. 

Most people lie on a mat but it can also be experienced in a chair if needed.  Some people stay very still and experience deep inner landscapes, some move around a lot dancing, stretching, rolling.  Most people experience a mixture of stillness and movement…anything goes.

During your Innerdance Shamanic Sound Journey you may experience:

  • Dreamlike states
  • Visions
  • Colours, shapes, seeing sacred geometry
  • Changes in body temperature
  • Spontaneous movements
  • Release of tension and pain
  • Extreme relaxation
  • A range of emotions
  • Connection to spirit/Source/Earth/God/Goddess
  • Releases of stuck energy/trapped emotions
  • Free dancing
  • Vocal releases
  • Ancestral experiences
  • Rememberings of the womb
  • Past life memories
  • Connections to star family
  • Fizzing/tingling sensations within the body
  • Kundalini experiences
  • Somatic release
  • Sense of peace, wholeness, purpose
  • Sudden inspiration
  • A new trust in your body wisdom
  • An immense sense of freedom
  • Whole body energetic orgasmic states!

This is all supported by me intuitively working with your physical and energetic body to help you to deepen and let go into complete surrender and trust.  I then support you on your return and integration back into this reality, so you return from your journey fully grounded with renewed wholeness, purpose and connection to your inner wisdom.

I have facilitated regular inner dance journeys for three years and held workshops at many festivals.  No experience in anything is necessary for this, anybody can take part, your body will lead you, there is no right or wrong way to do it and every time you do it you will have a different experience. 

The only way to know what will happen for you is to do it, then do it again, and again, and again!  Discover your inner landscape, dance yourself into freedom, balance and health, remember who you really are and who you came here to be.

“When Jenny placed her healing hands on me during the Innerdance workshop it was utterly profound for me.”
Katie Barlow

“They are so amazingly skilled at what they do and instantly put you very much at ease. It is a unique experience and you do not have to dance, many including myself lay on a mat under a blanket while the music happened. My dance was very much ‘inner’ but a profound experience for all that. I can’t describe what happens except perhaps in a way similar to a sound bath or gong bath but I can recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Billy Ormerod

“Feeling wonderful after my first Innerdance tonight, an immense sense of freedom and awakening, like nothing I’ve experienced before. Felt a little nervous to begin with as was all new to me, but Jenny helped me soon relax, feeling completely safe, held and warm. Danced like I’ve never danced before, let go and loved it. Looking forward to next time, continuing my journey and very hopeful about all the possibilities it will hold.”
Liz McDonald

“This was an amazing experience and I will definitely attend again. Thoroughly recommended!”
Debrah Goldston

“Jenny…It was truly a Wild night..Thank you so much for putting in some much care and personal attention and love for each of us during the journey…its was greatly appreciated… U are indeed aptly named for this sacred work.”
Thomas Stacey

“I went for the first time tonight and absolutely LOVED it!
No idea what to expect and was very nervous but Jenny was so reassuring and the others were very friendly. I feel absolutely amazing now and will definitely be going to another. Highly recommend that you give it a try.”

Emma Backhouse

“I went to my first Inner Dance with Jenny last night. Wow! Jenny held a beautiful safe space for us. I went with no expectations or idea what was going to happen & it was wonderful.
It’s hard to explain, you need to experience it for yourself. it’s very loving, freeing, & the healing that occurred for me was unexpected and very significant!
So I can’t wait for the next one and continue this incredible journey. Thank you Jenny you helped me shed light on a part of me that I’d forgotten about.”

Marie Morris

“It is a safe place to let go, feel free and open up to your emotions.”
Tara Thomas

“Jenny’s Innerdance sessions are incredible. I feel so lucky to have this resource available to go monthly and immerse myself in a journey, safely held and facilitated with such joy, passion and fun. As the whole session is done with your eyes closed there is no need for anyone to feel self conscious. Thank you Jenny for bringing this to Shropshire.”
Ruth Cato

“Such a wonderful workshop, Jenny is amazing at what she does.”
Ruth Miller

“If you are looking to explore your inner life through music and movement this would be a very good place to do it. Jenny creates a gentle, kind, loving and safe space to journey as much or as little as you wish to the sound of great music. It was a special experience and I am looking forward to attending again very much.”
Sonia Knight

“I went to Innerdance with Jenny last night. Wow! Jenny held a beautiful safe space for us. I went with no expectations or idea what was going to happen and it was wonderful. It’s hard to explain, you need to experience it for yourself. It’s a very loving, freeing and healing that occurred for me was unexpected and very significant. So I cant wait for the next one and to continue this incredible journey. Thank you Jenny, you helped me shed light on a part of me that I’d forgotten about.”
Marie Morris

“Jenny is so beautiful in every way. Her Innerdance workshop was so awesome – journeys within journeys, and emerging hope. Her singing and playing was so exquisitely woven into the experience too. Thank you for sharing your energy and passion.”
Kay Rose