Gather with 6 wonderful women on this intimate retreat to the Heart Chakra of our Earth. This retreat is inclusive, welcoming, non-judgemental, safe, trauma informed and packed full of ceremony and magic!

Arriving 4pm Friday 1st July and Leaving 10am Monday 4th July.

The isle of Avalon is an ancient spiritual portal. It’s magick and mystery awaits to hold and transform you. Avalon is a place of synchronicity, of friendship, of sisterhood, of Priestesses, of dance, music and connection, of temples and Goddesses, a place of love. Glastonbury town centre is packed full of wonderful magical crystal and holistic shops and fantastic cafes.

Jenny connects deeply to the two natural sacred springs at the base of the Tor, the calcium rich White Spring (the masculine) and the iron rich Red Spring (the feminine). We will visit both and connect into ourselves in powerful re-birth and initiation ceremonies. Our ceremony at the White Spring Temple will be completely private. I have honoured these springs and worked with them in person and through the dreamtime for 4 years.

We will be staying in beautiful, exclusive accommodation just outside Glastonbury in a place called Wells (BA5 3PL). Bring your own Breakfast items, lunch will be out (either make a picnic or purchase in town), Dinner is included back at the accommodation in the evening.

Our time together will include

• Private rebirth ceremony in the White Spring

• Visit to Chalice Well Gardens and the Red Spring for meditation with the Sacred Wells and Storytelling.

• Drumming, singing and ceremony on the Tor

• Medicine Dance to connect to our womb space in the temple of Rhiannon in Goddess House

• Visit to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and the Temple of Avalon to the God and Goddess

• Heart Sharing Circles

• Shamanic Drum Journeying

• Time for exploring the delights of the Glastonbury town centre

• TIme for reflection, rest and journalling

• Deep Connection and Sacred Space

This retreat is facilitated by Jenny Asha Lily Wilde Shaman, Musician, Bodyworker, Sacred Dance Facilitator, Artist, Dreamer, Wayshower, Priestess, Play Therapist, Lover and Mother.

Jenny was called by the White Spring in 2018 and unexpectedly met Priestess Margo Awanata there conducting a re-brith ceremony. Jenny was beckoned into the water and went through her first Shamanic initiation and re-birth… the call of Avalon has become stronger and more regular ever since! Jenny now visits Glastonbury at least once a month as she trains with Katinka Soetens to become a sacred sexual Priestess of Rhiannon of Avalon. Jenny has journeyed through many of Avalon’s hidden portals of the masculine and feminine and linked it’s waters with many other waters around the UK. Jenny has a gift of bringing together soul family groups on retreats. Join together in sisterhood that feels immediately like family!

Come and share in the magick and mystery.

Accommodation link is…

Price per person for three nights accommodation, dinner and all of the above transformational experiences and initiations.


You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to and from the house, however, there will be 3 places in my car during the retreat to travel to and from Glastonbury if needed.

There will be some level walking involved, the walk up the Tor is reasonably strenuous and also optional.

Please contact Jenny at to book or book online below…

“Wowzers! What a weekend in Wales, 16 beautiful Goddesses, more rain and lush fields than I think I’ve ever seen and more divine beautiful love and light than I think I have felt my entire life! To share my vulnerability, emotions, smiles, fears, joy and my voice more authentically than ever before is the most transformative thing I have ever done. My body, throat and chest hurt, my eyes are little sore, but my heart is so full of gratefulness and love for each and every sister that was there and far more for myself than ever before.”
Jane Lock

“The day at Bala was incredibly sacred and otherworldly. Yet felt so natural to me at the same time. I released so much yesterday and felt connected to sisterhood and to myself and the Earth. Standing in the waters holding hands and supporting one another, singing and hearing the sacred ancient drum healed my heart and the peace I feel now is still prevalent. Jenny holds such a sacred space for women. I am so grateful for this special day and sisterhood.”
Jade Anne Evans

“Words just simply can’t express the powerful, beautiful and absolutely enlightening experience that I have ever encountered this weekend! I am so truly grateful and honoured to have ‘belonged’. To have come away without the need of any crutches or a walking stick just says it all! The biggest of hugs, blessing and gratitude, peace, love and light to all my beautiful Goddess sisters.”
Andrea Hislop

“A beautiful rejuvenating restorative reflective retreat day at a beautiful waterfall Jenny held the space perfectly bringing a balance of playful laughter supportive and respectful healing to the space. Thank-you I am feeling blessed to have experienced this.”
Marina Postlethwaite