I first discovered the Andean Shamanic medicine practices in 2018 and quickly realised that my soul knows this lineage and this work. During my two year medicine wheel training it was a remembering, a coming home to my shamanic lineage through re-initiation and re-learning many powerful tools to aid healing.

This is a lineage of light, wisdom, balance and harmony. 

It is medicine especially cultivated for these times of great change and specifically shared with westerners to assist humanity for ‘when the world turns over’ as was prophesied by the Andean Shamans thousands of years ago.

Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine can:

  •                   Free you of stuck beliefs and conditioning that do not serve
  •                   Clear other people’s projections from you
  •                  Sever ties and release relationships with people that are not serving you anymore
  •                   Clear intrusive and parasitic energies which may be interfering with your thoughts or draining your energy
  •                   Release you from ancestral karmic patterns
  •                   Remove stuck trauma from your energy body before it creates disease in the physical
  •                   Remove heavy and stuck energy from the physical body freeing you of aches, pains, disease
  •                   Help you to see and integrate your shadow part/unconscious self
  •                   Retrieve parts of your inner child self
  •                   Retrieve soul parts and gifts which have slipped into your unconscious at times of trauma
  •                   Call in power animals
  •                   Receive ancestral wisdom and gifts
  •                   Balance, protect and align your energy
  •                   Align you with your highest soul purpose
  •                   Bring your dream destiny into being
  •                   Aid the dying with an easeful death and journey beyond death
  •                   Heal blood ancestors and aid them in their journey beyond death, therefore freeing your whole family line backwards and forwards through time.

As well as using tools of shamanic tracking, journeying, extraction, soul retrieval and illumination I use counselling, bodywork, movement and sound healing tools/music during a session.  Every session is different and tailored intuitively to what you need moment to moment. 

Shamanic healing in this way is easeful and beautiful.  You leave the session feeling lighter and more aligned with exercises to help you to continue to evolve based on what came up for you during the session.

I carry a full Mesa (portable altar/medicine bag) of 13 stones, all with individual medicine, for example, one stone offers the medicine of ‘infinite love’ and one ‘To be passionate and free’. 

When working with me, you will work with my medicine stones which have all come to me and been initiated into my Mesa in the most sacred of ways.  My stones are never far away, I am always in communion and ceremony with them.  They have travelled the world with me and exchanged energy with some of the most powerful and sacred sites on the Earth.  When you work with me, this medicine is shared with you.

Shamanic healing works just as well at distance (online) as it does in person. Shamanic healing has been humanity’s main form of healing for millions of years!

I look forward to being your Shaman.

“After Jenny’s session I felt open, light and expansive.  As well as a little exhausted due to the emotional clearing.  There was a pressure in my lower back that seems to have cleared.  There was a subtle creeping feeling of something not being ‘quite right’, this state, which caused me a lot of distress, seems to have cleared and has been replaced with a quiet power that is rising within me, as well as a feeling of genuine confidence.  I feel like I am fully here.  Thank you Jenny for your gentle and light hearted holding.  That you for allowing me to process an issue that I have buried deep within me for years.  I am looking forward to seeing how this powerful work unfolds in my life during this next moon cycle and beyond.”


“My session with Jenny was powerful, unique and full of surprises.  The most impactful shamanic healing session I’ve ever had (even though it was all online).  I felt so seen and held, by her, and all the ancestors and guides who joined us.  It was deeply profound and healing.  I loved the wisdom and guidance I received and as I continue to integrate days after the session, I keep finding deeper meaning in it all.  Much love and appreciation for Jenny and her sacred service.  I love her energy and her deep respect and connection to her work.”


“That’s the most powerful session I have ever experienced.”


“When I received the healer’s rite from Jenny I felt very light as though a weight had lifted.  Jenny told me that things would start to fall into place for me after three to four months and she was right!  Things that I had needed in my life began to appear.  Jenny is a very spiritual person and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”


“I just had a beautiful session with Jenny.  I felt so held, which was so important for me.  I have been having a really difficult time and I just needed to express myself freely and Jenny really facilitated this.  I am definitely going back for me.  I felt earthed and in touch with my intuitive self.  Thank you Jenny.”


“Jenny has worked with me on two occasions, helping me to shift blockages around my voice and my confidence.  Those sessions had an immediate effect and I have since continued to grow and develop in my life and work.  Throughout, I was highly impressed by Jenny’s wisdom, knowledge and integrity, and I felt safe and held within the space she had created.  I am truly honoured by the gifts and insight Jenny has given me, for which she has my upmost respect and gratitude.”


“My recent experience of working with Jenny was very positive.  I wanted to experience some shamanic healing and Jenny came highly recommended by a friend.  Apart from being very welcoming, I immediately noticed her energy.  It felt very strong, positive and caring.  Within minutes of our session, my initial nerves about embarking on my journey/experience had settled.  I felt in very safe care.  During my healing session I gained some very good insights.  I am now integrating these ‘gifts’ in my own self development meditations.  I have also been noticing a lot of nice synchronicities since the healing session.  I have already recommended Jenny to some friends who need some help from a very friendly, kind and powerful healer.  Thanks Jenny, keep up the great work of spreading the light and helping people on their journeys.”


“Jenny has a unique ability to touch in gently and yet powerfully to the heart of wherever needs healing energy the most at that particular time.  She exudes a sense of safety and holds an exquisitely Sacred Space for all that come to her.  From personal experience, I highly recommend her as a deeply intuitive and very gifted Shamaness.”


“I strongly recommend Jenny’s shamanic healing . It was really powerful and she works so gently with the energy’s and . stones  Really felt a shift.”


“Jenny, thank you so much for the session recently.  You were quick to respond and the ease of booking is really appreciated.  I deeply deeply trust you and the process of the sessions, which allows me to fully drop into my body and work through the things that need untangling within me.”


“So highly recommended, Jenny is the most amazing healer and therapist who has helped me enormously in the past six months.  For real tangible releasing of deep wounds, growth and healing, she’s truly a unique and gifted woman.”


“Having a session with Jenny was deeply transformative, the word that keeps coming up from it is that it was ‘significant’.  Jenny is warm, grounded, fun and ultimately knows what she is doing.  The work went deep and she had loads of tools in her kit to ensure I felt relaxed and safe at all times.  I’m enormously grateful for Jenny and all that she does.”

Ruth T

“I love Jenny’s shamanic healing sessions.  They are powerful and transformative.  After one session I quit smoking.  Highly recommend.”


“Highly highly recommended.  Thank you so much for yesterday’s work!  I woke with the birds this morning, so beautiful.”


“I found the sessions I have with Jenny uplifting and deeply healing.  The last session helped me to clear my throat chakra as I can find it difficult to speak my truth and be ok with other people’s reactions to that.  It helped me to start to strip away my need for my physical weight to protect me from people thus losing 2.5 stone so far.”


“The healing session we had has been life changing for me.  I looked at myself in the mirror and there’s something different, something I like and I’m excited to be discovering.”


“Jenny holds a compassionate, well structured and safe space and if I could, I would prescribe this for everyone!  This was my very first shamanic healing so I was a bit anxious in the beginning and Jenny really helped me feel safe by listening, being truly open and understanding, explaining what is happening in each step and approximately how long it is going to take.  Also, because it was an online session, she reassured me that she is going to be there with me at all times so I could relax and keep my eyes open or closed if I wanted.

She very skilfully made sense of my thoughts and grasped the essence of what I was talking about, which made me feel that she made sure she understands exactly what I mean.

Throughout the sessionI had a wide spectrum of sensations including physical touch (even though it was energetic), warmth in certain places, some visions and strong emotions coming up, or occasional small pain that lasted just a few seconds.

Jenny works on so many levels and has a diverse skillset and I absolutely love the interactive nature of the healing session.  It was very uplifting and nourishing and liberating to be involved in the process.  During the session I found such a level of solid confidence that I never had before.  A beautiful surprising element is that the effects of the healing were not only energetic or emotional but I noticed visible improvements to my posture!  Excited to see how everything unfolds!”