Dance, rest, connect, laugh, cry and deepen your relationship with yourself, the Earth and the elements

St Nectan’s Glen can be classed as a European Rainforest with it’s diverse flaura and fauna and microclimate. It sits on the already ancient and sacred lands of Cornwall with a long history of shamanic and pagan practice. There is a spring/well and the waters that run through the Glen are cleansing and powerful. The waterfall herself will be the one who invites you on this retreat, do you hear her calling you? I heard the call in 2018 and once I arrived, I knew this was ‘my’ place. Having initiated many women in these waters, drummed, danced and sang to the waterfall and been through my own intense initiations in her flow 3 times, I know her and she knows me. I share this relationship with you during the retreat.

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